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M series from M1 to M8 eight different remote for single color, CT, RGB,RGBW

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Product details

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability:100000 piecesWarranty(Year):5 Year

Product Specifications

  • Usage:Indoor

Product Description

mini led controller
More function and comprehensiveness.

Extended new series products are based on the Mini series controllers, increase RGBW 4CH control, workable for dimming, Color temperature, RGB and RGBW. And the output power of receiver is higher.

4096 / road grey scale (most of them is 256 in the market), high grayscale performance is more outstanding, the light is more gentle, dynamic changing modes become more rich and colorful.With innovative technology design:One receiver compatible with eight different functions of the remote control (patent technology), that is use one receiver can experience dimming, color temperature and RGB controlled, which can satisfied the different demands of client.

M series with extremely high performance and creative design. They can experience humanized design concept when traders in sales, engineers in installation and the clients in using.



Product parameter

M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8 Remote Control

Working voltageDC3V(Battery CR2032 )
Working Frequency433.92 MHz
Remote Distance40-50m
Working Temp.-20℃~55℃
Weight (N.W.)42g
One set weight (G.W.)225g

M4-5A CV Receiving controller

Power inputDC5V-DC24V
Max Current load5A ×4CH Max 20A
Max Output power100W/240W/480W(5V/12V/24V)
Compatible remoteM1/M2/M3/M4//M5/M6/M7/M8
Gray scale levelMax 4096×4096×4096×4096
Working Temp.-30℃~55℃
Weight (N.W.)125g

M4-CC CC Receiving controller

Power inputDC12V-DC48V
Output voltageDC3V~DC46V
Output currentCC 350/700/1050mA 3 in 1×4CH
Output power1.05W~48.3W ×4CH Max 193.2W
Compatible remoteM1/M2/M3/M4//M5/M6/M7/M8
Gray scale levelMax 4096×4096×4096×4096
Working Temp.-30℃~55℃
Weight (N.W.)125g


RGBW 4CH control
M series controller It can control the RGB/RGBW LED, white colour can be turned on or off, it can adjust the brightness independently.


Chic, very talented
Back of remote control through a scrub treatment,it isn't easily slipped in your hands;it's show noble beacuse it use piano black with white edges on table in stark contrast.Perfect size, one-hand control,perform well.


8 Remote controllers for optional
One receiver compatible 8 different functions remote controllers. Dimmer, color temperature,RGB, RGBW, select what you want. Such as, M3, M4, M6, M7 and M8 control the receiver connected with RGB lights meanwhile, and function is 5 times than general ones.


10 remote control for 1 receiver

1 receiver can be controlled by 10 same or different RF remote at most for dimming .


RF radio frequency (RF) remote control, strong penetration ability of the wall
RF radio frequency (RF) remote control, wireless signal strong penetrating power, even if there is an obstacle in front can be controlled, the partition of remote control; ID code, independent each other

To simplifyWell-designed remote control operation key, Useful features, rejection of complex instructions,enjoy the colorful world.M8 has programmable function(Patent Technology)M8 adding the new programable method(Patent Technology), user can easily change a new DIY effects. How the programming so simple!

 4096 grey scale levelsWith 4,096 per channel grayscale,perform much better with higher gray levels,adjust the light soft and delicate, it's more colorful with dynamic changes.

Low power consumptionThe touch color wheel remote control is used new circuit design which will be lower power consumption, Only use CR2032 button batteries, the first one in the industry, making the remote control more lighter and thinner.

Humanized wall bracketWith this humanized wall bracket which can fix the remote on obviously place of wall,You will not be bothered to find the remote.

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